Daley sharpens primary campaign against Quinn

September 10, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is denying that he's helping Bill Daley raise money for his campaign.

Governor Pat Quinn has cut off money for capitol renovations after the $50 million project has come under blistering attacks by his Democratic opponent.

"I'm saying that the Governor is not up to the job of governing the state and managing the state," said gubernatorial candidate Bill Daley.

Citing the continued stalemate on pensions, unemployment and a worsening fiscal crisis, the former Commerce Secretary blamed Governor Pat Quinn for not paying close enough attention to the $50 million Capitol Renovation Project, which included $670,000 copper-plated doors.

"If I was Governor and this broke, if I didn't know about it and my staff didn't tell me, all hell would break loose," said Daley.

"I instructed our budget director to hold up any further renovation work on the state capitol," said Governor Pat Quinn.

The Governor, at an event to proclaim Wednesday Patriot Day in remembrance of 9-11, said a legislative commission that oversees the Capitol Renovation questioned former Banker Daley's management skills.

"This is from a millionaire banker who was working for a bank, he was the Midwest Chairman of a bank that helped drive the American economy into the ditch and created the Great Recession," said Governor Pat Quinn.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was asked about reports that he's doing under-the-radar fundraising for Daley and if he sent his former political director Tom Bowen to become Daley's new campaign manager.

"I'm not doing any fundraising phone calls for Bill Daley and two, Tom is an independent person who can do anything and I am staying neutral in that race," said Mayor Emanuel.

Daley also denied Emanuel was secretly helping the campaign against Quinn.

"I've not been made aware of it by anybody saying, gee, the Mayor told me to give you money, It's ridiculous, It did not happen," said Daley. "Tom stands on his own. He's worked for the Mayor; he's worked for lots of other people. His experience is beyond one campaign or any one individual."

While Daley has hired, or is in the process of hiring, his campaign inner circle, he has not opened offices outside of Chicago. The primary election is only six months away in March 2014.

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