Naperville home burglaries number 12 in 12 days, police say

September 11, 2013 (NAPERVILLE, Ill.)

"They came in the back door. I'm assuming we left it unlocked," Colette Wolfsmith said. As she and her family slept upstairs, burglars were downstairs.

"It's very scary. I have not slept in a couple of nights. My 8-year old is sleeping in bed with us," Wolfsmith said.

Naperville has had 12 burglaries in 12 days. Typically, five burglaries of this type are reported in an entire month in the western suburb. Police say there are two distinct patterns in play.

"That's why we feel there could be two separate crews out working. One crew working at night, looking for unlocked doors, making easy hits in kitchens and garages and another crew doing forced entry during the day," Sgt. Lou Cammiso, Naperville Police Department, said.

Thieves took tools and an Apple computer from Geno Valente's home early Saturday morning.

"While my wife was sleeping on the couch, they came in grabbed a laptop. She didn't know they were there, and they probably didn't know she was there either, probably for the good. Once they were in the house we're glad we didn't catch them," Valente said.

Several of the targeted homes have alarms that weren't on, doors that weren't locked, and dogs that didn't bark.

"We have always felt safe here. To had two police officers live in this cul-de-sac and still have it happen, it just blows your mind," Wolfsmith said.

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