Officer kills suspected gunman in Posen, Ill. after domestic shooting

October 4, 2013 (POSEN, Ill.)

The shooting happened at about 11:45 a.m. Friday morning near 144th and South Sherman Street.

Witnesses say Jenna Sammons, 21, was wounded when her ex-boyfriend allegedly shot her. Sammons' current boyfriend and his cousin were also shot, according to witnesses.

It is believed one person was killed by the gunman.

Relatives say that Sammons had just returned from the hospital after her ex-boyfriend attacked her with a screw driver earlier in the day. She was struck atleast once as she tried to escape in a car.

Other police departments were called to the neighborhood to help capture the suspect. He was shot and killed as he tried to hide in an unlocked garage owned by an elderly woman.

"He didn't go into the house. He went in the garage because it was unlocked," said Therese Kolodziej, the woman's niece.

Meanwhile, residents and family members say they are alarmed at the events.

"This is absolutely shocking. I grew up here, and it's not the way it's supposed to be," said neighbor Joe Biesiada.

"My wife was on the phone with her [Sammons], and she heard a big boom in the house. . . Next thing you know she heard another shot and she [Sammons] said, 'I'm shot, I'm shot'," Derrick Toombs, the victim's cousin-in-law, said.

The Illinois State Police Public Integrity Task Force, which handles officer-involved shootings, is investigating the event.

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