Storm cleanup keeps Chicago area busy

October 5, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Fortunately there were no major incidents as a result of Saturday afternoon's thunderstorms, rather a series of smaller issues, mostly related to lightning strikes.

"I wish I could win the lottery twice. Even once would be nice," said homeowner Nelson Rodriguez.

What are the odds that lightning will hit the same place twice? How about the same house? That's what happened to the Rodriguez family whose Northwest Side home was hit for the second time in as many years in the exact same spot on the chimney. This time though it caused a small fire.

"When it happened last time we had to watch for a while to make sure there was no smoldering so that's what we'll be doing this time obviously. It's in our attic. It's a frame house. We just have to make sure," said Betty Rodriguez.

On the 2500 block of North Kimball a lightning strike also resulted in a small roof fire to an apartment building. Additionally, lightning was responsible for some minor property damage when a tree crashed down into the street on the 4900 block of West Henderson.

"There was a white van parked right in front. Like a working van. Lightning hit the tree and the tree ended up on the van. The window was smashed," Henry Turcios said.

And less than two miles away, lightning hit a utility pole, which knocked out power to a couple of city blocks. Those affected just made the best of it while ComEd crews worked to turn the lights back on.

"I think we're going to go get some food. Get some fresh air, chat with the neighbors," said Renee Esper.

Finally, the fast-moving storms also caused some problems in the western suburbs. In Elmhurst, tree damage and flooding were reported both on the roadways and in residential areas.

There was also some minor flooding reported in the city, mainly under viaducts and the like, most of which has already been cleared up.

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