Search continues for Hope, rescue dog that gave chase on Kennedy Expressway

October 15, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The dog that caused traffic to come to a crawl on the Kennedy has a name: "Hope." And she has a home, near Rochester, Minnesota.

Mary Jo Dorman says she and her husband were in town visiting their son, who lives near the highway, when "Hope" escaped through an open door while her son and friends watched football Sunday afternoon.

"She ran out of my house and friends quickly tried to chase her but as a bunch of people who tried to catch her on the interstate learned, she's pretty quick," said Chris Dorman, dog owner's son.

On Tuesday night, Chris Dorman and his friends set off in search of his mom's dog. State Police, IDOT Minutemen and others chased her for nearly an hour Monday night up and down the express lanes near Armitage. The dog eventually gave them the slip.

"We assume she was looking for my mom, she is my mom's dog and just gets very nervous without her," said Chris Dorman.

The Dorman's says they had no idea Hope had caused so much trouble until they spotted video of her on ABC 7.

They say she was abandoned and may have been abused before she came to live with them, and that's why Hope may have hightailed away from people who were just trying to help.

"I'm kind of at a loss for where else to look. I'm hopeful that I find Hope, I didn't mean that alliteration," said Chris Dorman.

Mary Jo Dorman says the dog has a chip that can be scanned if it is captured. She says she has been in touch with police and animal control here in Chicago.

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