Fall Ciders

October 20, 2013

Breweries roll out fall seasonal selections, and ciders are becoming more popular, especially now that apples are in season. Anthony Norkus, Craft and Specialty Import Brand Manager at Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. (http://www.glunzbeers.com), came into our ABC7 studio to tell us about a few ciders out now and what foods go best with them.

Anthony's suggested food & cider pairings:
1. Name of cider: Domaine Christian Drouin "Poire" Pear Cider Food pairings: Oysters
Details: Oysters go well with this cider because the light sweetness from the pear is a contrast to the earthiness of the oysters and accentuates both flavor profiles

2. Name of cider: Tieton Cider Works' Cherry Cider
Food pairings: Smoked Salmon
Details: Smoked Salmon pairs well with this cider because the cherry compliments the richness of the salmon and also adds depth to the smokiness

3. Name of cider: Domaine Dupont's Organic Brut
Food pairings: Meatloaf with fresh Scallions and herbs
Details: Meatloaf with fresh Scallions and herbs pairs well with the Dupont Brut Organic because both the sweetness and tartness of the cider compliments the richness while cutting through and cleansing the palate

4. Name of cider: Sarasola Sagardoa
Food pairings: Teriyaki Spare ribs
Details: Teriyaki Spare ribs pair well with this cider because the earthiness of the cider enhances the strong spices in the teriyaki sauce

5. Name of cider: Sonoma Cider's The Anvil, a bourbon infused cider
Food pairings: Filet Mignon
Details: Filet Mignon goes well with this cider because the notes of bourbon compliment and accentuate the richness of the meat

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