Spanking linked to lower vocabulary scores

A new study links frequent spanking with aggression in young children. Researchers at Tulane University surveyed some 2,500 mothers and found that when 3-year-old children are spanked often, they're more likely to show aggressive behavior when they're five. The study suggests that even light spanking can increase the risk of aggression. Do you think spanking is still an acceptable form of punishment for kids? (Getty Images)

October 21, 2013 3:04:18 PM PDT
A spanking, it turns out, quiets more than a child's behavior. New research shows it can have a long-term effect on quieting their words.

Spanking is already associated with more aggression when a child gets older. Now, researchers at Columbia University found that spanking of pre-school children is linked to lower vocabulary scores.

Findings show children who were spanked as toddlers scored lower on word tests at age nine. In a study of almost 2,000 families across the US, they found that about half of the parents used spankings to discipline their toddlers. Checking back in when the children were 9, the kids who were spanked scored lower on word tests.