Photographer captures mystery couple's engagement, finds them on social media

October 28, 2013 10:12:43 AM PDT
A photographer snapped a picture of a marriage proposal on the Chicago lakefront and then turned to social media to find the couple.

Brian Jarreau was photographing a wedding party last weekend at the Adler Planetarium and just happened to capture the proposal, which had nothing to do with why he was there.

But he had the pictures, and gave the couple his business card. When he didn't hear from them, he turned to social media for help.

"I see there are like 10,000 people that are liking this picture, and I was like, wait that's us. That's us. It's crazy, I thought. What a moment, what a great picture to have," said Brian O'Connell, who is newly-engaged.

O'Connell and Laura Kamp plan to get married next year, possibly in the fall.