Mom unhappy with not-guilty verdict against Dunbar security guard

November 5, 2013 (CHICAGO)

She said she believes a videotaped incident involving her daughter shows that she was shoved down a stairwell at the school by the guard.

The attorney for Lauren Goodlow says a cell phone video is proof that she was shoved down a flight of stairs in Dunbar by a security guard. That guard, Preston Dixon, was charged with battery following the May incident.. But on Tuesday, a judge presiding over the case in a bench trial found Dixon not guilty.

"I was devastated that someone would find this guy to be not guilty," said mom Pershaun Goodlow.

The video went viral and shows Dixon stepping in to stop an argument between Lauren Goodlow and another female student. Then the confrontation between Dixon and Lauren Goodlow becomes physical, with Dixon appearing to shove her down the stairs. At one point, she stands up and moves toward him, and he appears to punch her in the face.

"I cannot understand how what was exhibited in the video, irrespective of what happened before the confrontation, is in any way justifiable," said attorney Mark Sutter.

Lauren Goodlow is no longer a student at Dunbar. And Dixon was removed from his position while CPS reviews the case.

Pershaun Goodlow says her daughter, who was 16 at the time, suffered cuts and bruises as well as injuries to her head, neck, shoulder, wrist and knee, and is getting physical therapy.

"He didn't exhibit anything being trained as a security officer what he should have done," said Pershaun Goodlow.

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