Alligator at O'Hare: Owner still sought, new pics released

November 12, 2013 (CHICAGO)

If you recognize a woman seen carrying a baby alligator on a CTA train, police want to hear from you.

It was at 1:15 a.m. on November 1 when CTA officials say the woman boarded the Blue Line at the Pulaski stop and headed to O'Hare. She didn't make any efforts to conceal her alligator, as a matter of fact, in the surveillance pictures, it looks as though she was showing it off to passengers.

Surveillance pictures show her on a Blue Line train and according to investigators, getting off the train at O'Hare. Earlier this month, an alligator was abandoned at the airport.

Photos capture the woman dressed in all black riding the Blue Line headed to O'Hare like any other passenger-- until she pulls put a two-foot-long alligator. At one point, she sits down holding a phone in one hand and the gator in the other. The last image provided by the CTA shows her making absolutely no effort to hide her pet.

"She was definitely holding it up so passengers were able to take a look at it and even snap a few photos which is how they wound up on social media," said Lambrini Lukidis, CTA spokesperson.

The transit agency was alerted about a reptile on board after a picture appeared on Twitter. CTA officials believe the same alligator was abandoned at O'Hare's Terminal 3, where a maintenance worker spotted it under an escalator.

CTA cameras show the lady in black with the alligator arriving at O'Hare. She is seen again, a few minutes later, leaving without her cold blooded friend. Dumping the gator is a crime.

"It is a misdemeanor to leave the animal unattended, so in this case, it appears as though that is what happened," said Lukidis.

The alligator is now in the care of the Chicago Herpatoligical Society. The group's president says the alligator is not doing well, and has not eaten since it was left at O'Hare.

If you have any information about the woman seen in the surveillance pictures, please contact the CTA or Chicago Police.

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