William Beavers begs judge for consideration

November 20, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The outspoken, 78-year-old Beavers didn't say a word at his sentencing, saying he wasn't about to beg the judge for mercy. But facing a prison surrender date a week from Monday, now he's begging for a little consideration.

Beavers is due to turn himself in to the Bureau of Prisons December 2 to begin serving his six-month sentence. On Thursday morning his lawyers will make an 11th hour plea to keep him out of jail.

"I don't beg my woman so you know I wouldn't go beg the judge," said Beavers.

Things have apparently changed in the two months since Beavers made that statement.

Thursday in federal court his attorneys will beg Judge James Zagel to permit Beavers to remain free on bond during his appeal. The gravel-voiced career politician, who calls himself "the hog with big nuts," would probably long be out of prison when his appeal is finally decided if he is made to report December 2.

According to Beavers' motion for freedom that will be argued Thursday morning, the one-time Chicago cop-turned elected official has led an upstanding life of public service; who may well win the substantial issues raised on appeal according to his lawyers. They say Beavers poses no risk of flight or danger to the community and that the motion was not filed for purposes of delay.

Beavers had 50 years employed by the government and was on bond after his arrest and during his trial without violating any provision of the court. Nevertheless, judges are not known for allowing this kind of consideration, even in public corruption cases.

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