Black Friday sales begin on Thanksgiving Day

November 27, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Retailers are opening earlier than ever, and that's fueled a growing backlash. Thanksgiving is not a holiday for everyone.

"We stock the food, we ring up the food, and in many cases we prepare the food... and we also deserve to participate in the holiday," said Matthew Camp, Whole Foods cashier.

And that's why Whole Foods employees and union supporters protested Wednesday night - they say they want a fair holiday schedule.

"We have to stand up and say our families and our lives are important, too," said Trish Kahle, Whole Foods cashier.

In north suburban Glenview, the Von Maur store will be closed Thanksgiving, a sign reads: closed "so employees can enjoy the holiday with their families."

"It's a family-owned business it is not all about the dollar and squeezing every last dollar from the consumer. We employ human beings and we know they have lives and families. Retail is a very intense industry and we want to give them - we feel like it's important to give them a break," said Von Maur's president, Jim von Maur.

For years, Costco has been closed holidays - and not just Thanksgiving; a sign alerts customers they're closed seven holidays.

"It creates high morale for the employee base... and when our employees are happy, they in turn, offer member great member service for our paying members," said Troy Rea, Costco general manager.

K-Mart will kick off Thanksgiving shopping at 6 a.m. Big retailers like Macy's, Kohl's, Sears and Target open after dinner at 8 p.m. What shoppers are pushing this trend?

"Millennials and young adults have really been the ones leading the way for this Thanksgiving night shopping tradition," said Kathy Grannis, National Retail Federation.

"Anyone who requested time off on Thanksgiving Day, to the best of everyone's memory, got the time off that they requested on Thanksgiving Day," said Keith Stewart, Whole Foods spokesman.

Even so, customers want it both ways.

"I don't agree with the stores being open on Thanksgiving Day. I think it ruins the family values and the whole reason we have Thanksgiving to begin with," said Nancy Wilensky, shopper.

"There is always something last-minute that we forget... so I would love it to run to the store and it's open," said Chris Black, shopper. /p>

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