Texas couple sues neighbor, accusing her of recording bedroom

December 5, 2013 (KEMAH, Texas)

The argument between the two neighbors has been going on for a while. Scott and Terri Gale asked the court for a restraining order against their neighbor, Natalie Belk. They say she's recording their movements inside and outside their home.

The Gales say Belk installed two security cameras to the front of her house in September 2012, and those cameras are pointed at the balcony of their master bedroom. They also claim Belk has called the police on them or their neighbors 11 times between February 2011 and November 2012.

The Gales say they now wear cameras when they go outside to protect themselves from false accusations. The Gales say it all started when Belk began letting her dog out the front door unleashed in 2008.

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