Deputy fatally shot: Suspects questioned in Cuauhtemoc Estrada death

The Cook County sheriff's office confirmed Sunday that suspects were in custody and being questioned in the case of the off-duty sheriff's investigator, Cuauhtemoc Estrada, who was shot and killed in west suburban Bellwood.
December 22, 2013 8:17:51 PM PST
Charges are expected in the murder of an off-duty Cook County Sheriff's investigator.

Sunday night, a candle light vigil is held in his honor as two suspects are in custody and being questioned.

Family, friends and colleagues gathered for a candle light vigil just outside the Bellwood VFW hall to honor officer Cuauhtemoc Estrada, who was shot and killed Friday night while trying to protect his daughter.

He left a mark on so many people.

Father of four, grandfather of three, will not be forgotten, his family promises.

"He was a great person," said daughter Desirae Estrada. "He was the best dad, but not only the best dad, he was my best friend. He taught me how to be brave, be strong and always succeed in life."

Fifty-year-old Estrada was off duty Friday night.

He was hosting a family Christmas party at the VFW hall because he had to work on Christmas.

His family said around 7:30, Estrada saw two people in ski masks and hoodies trying to rob his daughter and her boyfriend at gunpoint while they were carrying food from a car. As officer Estrada pulled out his gun to stop the robbers he was shot in the chest. He died at the hospital.

Sunday night was all about praying for him and those he left behind.

A former marine, who served in desert storm, his family says Estrada had been through so much, but was always kind and compassionate to others.

"He was always just saying 'be cool, be cool,'" niece Rocio Torres said. "That was his phrase. Anyone that knows him knows that's what he always said. We just always remember him for his quotes."

Estrada was killed just days before his mother's birthday.

Sources say that two people are in custody and charges could come down sometime Sunday night.