Cabin fever probable for parents, kids after Chicago's deep freeze

Chicago-area children are set to go back to school on Wednesday and although young students aren't too happy, most parents are delighted to see the winter break come to an end.
January 7, 2014 3:21:03 PM PST
Most Chicago-area children go back to school Wednesday and most parents are delighted to see the winter break end.

We love them with all our hearts but their limitless energy can wear down even the strongest of parents. And to have the kid's home inside underfoot for what seems like an eternity can test even the most patient moms and dads.

''I counted last night when I got the message from CPS, and it's now 17 days and counting of all togetherness with my kids, 24 hours per day and seven days a week, so I've had it,'' said parent Linda Marsicano.

''It's tiring to take care of kids and, you know, they only have an attention span of two and a half minutes so, it gets to be very tiring,'' said parent Allison Hoffman.

Pump It Up, a play center near Division and Halsted reopened Tuesday and gave the cooped-up kids a chance to blow off steam, and the parents a chance to dream about Wednesday.

''I love my kids so I'm having a great time but, we're ready for them to go back to school tomorrow,'' said parent Paige Collett.

Just think about it. Two weeks of winter break and then the evil polar vortex attacks us. Are you starting to feel it? A little bit've got cabin fever.

For the adults, it's pretty unanimous. It's time to move on, but for some kids it's a different story.

''Going to school is pretty fun but between the two of them, I would take vacation,'' said Molly Czachanski.

Chicago Public Schools will be open Wednesday.