Delayed Metra Milwaukee West, Milwaukee North trains create mess at Union Station

The frustration for Metra commuters now adds up to three days in a row of delayed trains.
January 8, 2014 8:35:39 PM PST
There were major delays on the Milwaukee West and Milwaukee North lines Wednesday due to earlier switching problems. Wednesday night's delays lasted up to an hour for many Metra riders, who are now concerned about what's in store for the Thursday morning commute.

Trains were backed up during the Wednesday evening rush hour and there was some passenger confusion on which trains are going to what destination.

Metra expects to have a normal commute on Thursday, but Metra passengers are weary after facing weather delays for three days in a row. Thanks to the weather, Metra passengers were - once again - delayed during rush hour on Wednesday.

"I've been here for almost an hour now, unfortunately," said Becky Kelley, delayed Metra passenger.

Frustrated passengers on the Milwaukee North & West lines packed Union Station.

"I got homework to do; I got things to do and I don't have my laptop with me. If I had known, I would have stayed at school and done my work," said Amal Simm, delayed Metra passenger.

Outside, the switch heaters were fired up, but Metra officials said the cold weather triggered switching problems that created a Metra mess around 5 p.m. and made folks wonder when they'd get home.

"Today everything was delayed, so I don't know," said Luis Mercado, delayed Metra passenger.

Passengers say they checked their cell phones, but saw no delays posted. But at the station, the monitors indicated otherwise.

"I even checked my phone to see what the on-time schedule was; it says it's on-time. I get here and it says it's delayed. Very frustrated," said Ian Braverman, delayed Metra passenger.

Frustration for Metra commuters now adds up to three days in a row.

"A long day already, and now it's even longer," said Kelley.

Delays on Milwaukee North and West lines were up to an hour during rush hour. Some of the other lines experienced minor delays as well.

For the latest Metra schedule information, visit the Metra website.