Chicago weather: City working to clear snow, ice several days after storm

In Chicago and the suburbs, plowing crews are now focused on working to clear the snow from residential streets.

January 9, 2014 2:15:56 PM PST
Days of bitter cold weather in Chicago have complicated efforts to clear ice and snow from the city's side streets, and has led to another day of train delays and cancelations for commuters.

Chicago's Office of Emergency Management said they received more than 2,500 311 calls asking for streets to be cleared of ice and snow during the last snow and cold storm.

In Chicago and the suburbs, plowing crews are now focused on working to clear the snow from residential streets. On some Chicago streets, the city's snow plows are getting stuck. The warmer weather and rain coming our way this weekend could help get rid of much of the snow.

The office says they also received numerous calls asking that sidewalks be shoveled. However, individual residents and businesses are responsible for shoveling the sidewalks, while the city is responsible for plowing streets.

As our January thaw gets underway, there is a new concern if you have to walk in downtown Chicago: falling ice. Ice on high-rise buildings is starting to melt, and could cause serious injury for anyone walking below.

Drivers may have noticed that potholes are popping up everywhere. Potholes are caused by moisture that seeps into the pavement, then freezes and expands. Repair crews will likely keep very busy since the problem is only expected to get worse.

Drivers and pedestrians also need to watch out for falling ice. Signs warning pedestrians have been put up all over Chicago warning people that as the sun and ice melt off of tall buildings, small pieces of ice or even sheets of ice commonly crash down to the ground below.

The best way to protect yourself is to always be on alert of falling ice.

Commuters face fourth day of weather-related delays

Major delays continued for the fourth day in a row on Metra trains during the Thursday morning commute.

Officials say cancellations and delays were reported on many train lines, including BNSF, UPNW, UP West. Metra says switching problems led to the delays.

CTA commuters also saw major delays on the Red, Purple and Yellow Line trains after switching problems left trains standing at the Howard station Thursday morning.

CTA officials say they restored the switch, but residual delays persisted.