E-cigarettes ban proposal on Chicago City Council agenda

A proposal that would regulate the sale of popular e-cigarettes is on the agenda for Wednesday?s Chicago City Council meeting.
January 15, 2014 4:50:05 AM PST
A proposal that would regulate the sale of popular electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, is on the agenda for Wednesday's Chicago City Council meeting.

Some smokers credit e-cigarettes for helping them to kick the habit and stop smoking altogether, but people who oppose e-cigarettes say they can actually encourage children to start smoking.

The Chicago City Council is expected to pass an ordinance Wednesday that would ban the vaporized cigarettes where smoking is not allowed and move them behind the counters to be kept away from minors.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says e-cigarettes in candy flavors can get children hooked on real cigarettes.

Supporters see them as a safer way to quit smoking. The product is smokeless and releases an odorless vapor.

It is unclear how dangerous that vapor may or may not be to the person smoking the cigarette or people who are around that vapor. However, it appeared most city council members were poised to treat the e-cigarettes just like real ones.