Puerto Rican Parade location may be moved back downtown

A judge's ruling means the location of the popular parade could be moved back downtown in June.
January 15, 2014 3:50:51 PM PST
A judge's ruling clears the way for Chicago's Puerto Rican Parade committee to hold elections for a new president.

The ruling also means the location of the popular parade could be moved back downtown in June, in spite of a decision by the organization's current president to hold the parade in Humboldt Park.

Members of Accion Rescate claimed victory over the decision reached by a Cook County justice last week, who ruled in favor of forcing the Puerto Rican Parade Committee of Chicago to hold elections to elect the PRPC's president as soon as possible.

The ruling challenged the abrupt decision made by the current president to cancel the 47th annual Puerto Rican Parade in downtown Chicago last June and hold it in Humboldt Park.

"Rest assured that we will not rest until we also rescue our downtown parade and our organization, the eldest Puerto Rican organization in the city of Chicago," said Dr. Julio Cruz, Accion Rescate.

The group says they are outraged that the current president also last year canceled the traditional elections every two years that gather over 2,000 Chicago Puerto Ricans to elect a president-- therefore making his presidency illegal.

"He canceled the parade last year and the community went to court to fight. There needs to be elections, the bylaws are void and the community has a right to have its parade back in downtown," said Xavier Nogueras, community activist.

Having the annual Puerto Rican parade in downtown Chicago is a controversial issue.

"I do not object to it being downtown but let it come through here, too," said Miguel Camacho.

"It should be downtown, actually I would really love for it to be downtown again," said Kimberly Lopez.

Accion Rescate says they are planning on having the parade downtown in mid-June. However, there are other Puerto Rican organizations competing against them for the downtown parade.