LEGOLAND's master builder: 'Imagination' behind every sculpture

January 20, 2014 (CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill.)

"I have always loved playing with LEGO bricks. It's been one of my favorite toys and favorite hobbies since I was about three years old," Howard said

So, Howard has reached the top of the tower in his profession and now he will design new programs and new creations. And, he will spend lots of time teaching kids his many tricks and infusing his LEGO spirit in them.

"If you build like a really cool tower and when you're done, it's like it's really in your own image and then you can turn it into something else or rebuild it in a better way," Luke Davis, LEGO lover, said.

"You can create literally anything. That's the beauty behind it, is that you can use your imagination," Howard said.

Part of Howard's job will be to update the present exhibits with new technology to give LEGOS more life. But he will always make time to create his new sculptures, pieces that suddenly appear in his brain.

"I just have the right mindset, I guess. I just see something and I like to build it. I see something on TV I try to build it," Howard said.

Howard is just one of eleven LEGOLAND master model builders in the world.

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