Brian Hansen, Evanston speed skater, heading to Sochi Winter Games

Brian Hansen

January 22, 2014 6:02:32 AM PST
As athletes head to the Sochi Olympics, there are new security concerns. Authorities now say the so-called 'black widow' suicide bomber may have been spotted near the site of the Games.

A speed skater from the Chicago area is on his way to Sochi. Some young fans were at a send-off for Brian Hansen Tuesday night in Northbrook. He says he feels safe making the trip.

"They've raised a lot of concern, I'd say. Um and I guess the alternative is to not go. So I think everyone has to take a leap of faith," said Hansen.

However, Janesville, Wisconsin speed skater Tucker Fredricks has asked his family to stay home because he's concerned there could be a terror attack.