Free Apps to Help Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

January 22, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Lift (iPhone and Android)
Let's users select one or multiple common resolutions, goals or areas in life they want to improve. Most common categories are fitness, health, learning, mindfulness and productivity. Create short-term tangible goals, track progress, learn tips on how to keep on track. Users also have the options to share - or not share - progress with others.

Instead (iPhone and iPad)
Promotes charity and philanthropy by asking users if they would sacrifice a daily indulgence (Starbucks, take-out dinner) for a cheaper alternative and then allocate the money saved for a kid cause (clean water for kid in developing country). Users can choose the participating charities they want to give to and are directed to a site to make the commitment or transaction.

Fitstar: Tony Gonzales (iPhone and iPad)
Future NFL Hall-of-Fame Tight End Tony Gonzales guides users through personalized fitness sessions that can be done anywhere and any time. Before starting the app, users are asked a series of questions about their fitness level and aspirations. The app then offers suggestions for the right training programs. Free to download, users can choose from a series of in-app options.

Unstuck (iPad)
Personal motivation app designed to help individuals overcome personal or professional issues they are experiencing. The app asks the user what is standing in the way of their goals, causing them to get "stuck" in life or in their relationships, and based on the particular issue offers suggestions as to how to get unstuck.

Slice - The Online Package Tracker
While the primary purpose of this app is to track packages you purchased from retailers, it is also a great way to archive, locate or discover receipts from purchases made online over the past year that can be tax deductible. Once you enter the retailer, this app will store receipts in one place and let you look through to see if any were for business transactions or otherwise deductible. Good way to get an early start to tax season - and maybe discover more money coming your way.

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