Hinsdale Middle School cleaning up mold, asbestos

January 29, 2014 (HINSDALE, Ill.)

It's a race against the clock as workers try to clean up mold and asbestos in time for them to reopen early next week.

It's passing period for Hinsdale Middle School students, only it's not their school. They are using the classrooms at Clarendon Hills Middle School while workers continue to clean mold discovered in their own building. That means a split schedule at the school as students from both schools share one building.

"It's been as good as it can be, you know. My kids go to school from 12 to 4:30 now. Is it ideal? No, but it is what it is," said Susan Draddy, Hinsdale parent.

It also means a long line of cars outside the school as Hinsdale parents drop their kids for the noon start time. The shortened school day means 4 1/2 hours of school and no lunch time, at least until workers finish at Hinsdale.

"The contractors we're working with are telling us that they should have the building ready on Saturday morning and then we'll do additional air testing before we bring the students and staff back into the building," said Dr. Renee Schuster, superintendent, District 181.

The superintendent says the best case scenario would have Hinsdale students back in their own building by early next week. Many parents are hoping that is the case.

"I've heard possibly February 3rd, which is Monday, so I'm praying for that," said Vonnise Hussey, Hinsdale parent.

If not, administrators are looking at possible long-term solutions, including using classroom space at National Louis University in Lisle. It's an idea many parents oppose.

"Being bused an hour a day for these kids is not really an option," said Corey Huth, Hinsdale parent.

The superintendent has been providing daily updates to parents. She says they hope to get air quality tests back as early as Sunday evening, but they won't be able to give much notice to students and parents as to how soon they'll be able to reopen the school.

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