Real Money Savings: Canceling Cable

February 4, 2014

We wanted to see what are some of the ways you are saving real money with today's budget.

Apparently, many families are finding new ways for their media consumption without paying for cable!

We're talking streaming, Apple TV, Google Chrome, Netflix, and the good old antenna. Interesting mix of new and old! Let me walk over here and show you the breakdown of the numbers. This is purely un-scientific, but this is how you responded on Facebook.

63 percent of people are thinking about cancelling cable or have already cancelled to save money 25 percent of people will keep cable in the budget. Of the hundreds of posts, a good majority said they either are thinking about cancelling cable or have already cut the cord to save money. Twenty-five percent said no way; I'm keeping cable in my budget. The rest is undecided. We wanted to share a few of the posts:

"We disconnected, went back to broadcast, saving roughly $1200.00 per year, that is enough money for a small vacation!!" Dennis Schramm said.

"If I did it would be the end of the world to my children," said Hannada J. Haddad.

"My daughter and son-in-law, newly married, decided to drop cable and just watch Netflix and HuluPlus. They are paying about $16 a month," said Linda Walsh.

If you're thinking about going with an antenna, we did some research for you there are new ones on the mark. Here's Jason Spore with Best Buy breaking down the choices.

"City people, you can get away with a basic antenna, 25, 50 miles," said Spore.

The great thing about multi-directional antennas is that you can get a signal from all directions.

Spore says that if you are getting a signal that's a little spotty, purchase an amplified antenna.

Here are the bottom-line savings. On average people say that they save $100 a month by not having cable, that's $1200 a year. They pay $30 for an antenna, roughly $100 for an Apple TV, a year of Netflix maybe another $100. That's saving almost $1000 per year. Another option to Apple TV is Google Chromecast at only $35. It's not for everyone. But one way some of our viewers are saving real money!

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