Snow, cold create problems for northwest Indiana drivers; Governor Mike Pence battles against potholes

February 7, 2014 (LAKE STATION, Ind.)

Indiana has already spent close to $3 million filling up potholes and it has been a real mess. Friday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence said crews are going to work around the clock to fill more potholes all across the state.

Annoying, unavoidable, and sometimes dangerous craters in the pavement, potholes are causing serious damage to area roads and the cars that drive over them.

"Driving down the streets sometime they mess up the tires and stuff it's just horrible," said driver Sierra McKinze.

Blame it on the harsh winter weather.

The snow, the salt, and all of the freezing and thawing mean more holes on the roads.

But in Indiana, you'll soon see a lot less potholes and a lot more crews put repairing them.

Governor Pence made the announcement Friday, the battle against potholes.

"A strategic blitz to address what we already believe will be a record or near record number of potholes on state roads and highways across the state of Indiana," he said.

With 30,000 lane miles across the state to take care of, Governor Pence also announced more crews, and additional resources will be made available to fix the pothole problem, especially in northwest Indiana, which has been hit very hard with heavy lake effect snow and icy conditions.

"We call this a pothole surge. This surge will be targeted we will run alternating 12-hour shifts on weekdays and weekends to repair as many potholes as quickly as possible. Our crews will be working 24-hour shifts in many areas across the state," said Gov. Pence.

Northwest Indiana drivers welcome the help.

"It should be done, it needs to be and not wait until spring. That's what we hear all the time, 'We'll wait 'til spring and no, you shouldn't wait 'til spring because people are ruining their cars right now," said Tina Gomez-Ferrell.

The governor also said they are now going to be using a hot mix to fill those potholes. That mix is usually reserved for springtime.

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