Plow incidents pile up as snow cleanup continues across US

February 19, 2014

In Lakeville, Massachusetts, police say a man attacked a snow plow driver for pushing snow onto his property. The driver, who was hit with a shovel, refused to be taken to the hospital.

On the contrary in Pittsfield Township, Michigan, a snow plow driver said a man fired a single shot at his windshield when the man was unhappy that snow at his townhouse complex had not been removed.

And in New York, Dr. Adam Bernheim got covered in an avalanche of snow from a passing plow. He was heading to work at a New York City hospital when his car was smashed by snow and ice from a plow on an overpass. The windshield shattered and Bernheim was covered by glass. Bernheim tells WABC-TV it was "terrifying," but could have been much worse. Bernheim knows. He's a radiologist specializing in chest trauma.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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