Allan Kustok murder trial testimony begins; Man accused of killing wife, Anita Kustok, in 2010

February 20, 2014 (BRIDGEVIEW, Ill.)

After swearing in two new jurors, opening statements in the trial began Friday. An hour later, the state's first witness was called: John Runko, Jeanie Kustok's brother.

At times, an emotional Runko told the court he and his sister were very close and he never suspected any trouble with her, or in her marriage.

Jeanie Kustok's husband, Allan, is charged with first degree murder. He's accused of shooting Jeanie in the face while she slept, on September 29, 2010 in their Orland Park home.

The state contends Allan Kustok was having affairs with several women, and his apparent unhappy marriage and double life lead to the desire to shoot his wife.

Defense attorneys deny that theory, telling jurors Jeanie Kustok shot herself because she was suffering from menopause and living in a sexless marriage.

Runko told the court not only did he believe his sister didn't own a gun but she "wouldn't know what to do with one" if she did have one.

The state's next witness was a security guard at Palos Community Hospital that aided Allan Kustok when he drove his dead wife to the hospital. Jurors watched security footage of a wrapped up body fully covered get wheeled into the ER.

They also heard from a responding police officer, who spoke at length about where Kustok was shot, how close the gun was, and the blood stained clothing and glasses Allan Kustok was wearing.

Jurors were also shown graphic images of Jeanie Kustok on the day she died. When those images were shown, Allan Kustok never looked up or reacted.

The judge says the trial should last about two weeks.

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