Liam Neeson talks about death of wife Natasha Richardson

February 24, 2014

We see him as the ultimate tough guy, throwing punches and killing bad guys in movies like "Taken" and his new movie "Non Stop," but there's a softer side to the action movie star, especially when it comes to talking about his late wife.

"She was on life support," Neeson said. "I went in to her, and I told her I loved her."

In a new interview, 61-year-old Liam Neeson sits down with CBS' "60 Minutes" and opens up about the death of his wife in a skiing accident, admitting even years later, he sometimes struggles with grief.

"Anytime I hear that door opening, I still think I'm going to hear her," Neeson said.

"I think their identities were very fused," said Dr. Sherrie Campbell, psychologist. "I think when he lost her, he lost a very large part of himself."

Richardson, 45, fell and hit her head during a skiing lesson at the Mont Tremblant resort in Quebec. Initially, she seemed fine and refused medical attention, but hours later, she complained of a headache and was taken to the hospital. In the interview, which aired in full Sunday, Neeson also revealed for the first time, Richardson's death saved lives.

"Donated three of her organs, so she's keeping three people alive at the Moment," Neeson said. "I think she would be very thrilled and pleased by that."

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