Heroic dog shot by intruder reunites with family

March 5, 2014 (LOS ANGELES)

Charlie was shot by intruders who broke into her Los Angeles home. Her owner says if Charlie didn't take the bullet, it would have hit one the owner's kids.

According to the North Central Shelter, Charlie and two of her canine siblings chased the intruders into the street. The suspect fired four shots at the dogs as he ran off. One of Charlie's sibling dogs tried to push her back to the house after she was shot. Her front and back right legs were injured.

Charlie's family didn't have the money for surgery and were forced to surrender her to the shelter so that she could get the care that she needed. The shelter shared Charlie's story online and has raised more than $8,000 -- double its original goal of $4,000.

Charlie has since had her surgery, which unfortunately included amputating one of her front legs. She's now doing well at home with the family she loves.

You can still donate to help Charlie and her family. Organizers say all funds raised that exceed the cost of Charlie's medical care will go to the North Central Shelter Intervention Program to help future animals.

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