Allan Kustok murder trial: Crime scene expert testifies for defense

March 7, 2014 (BRIDGEVIEW, Ill.)

Kustok is accused of shooting his wife as she slept in their Orland Park home.

It was thought that Kustok's daughter, Sarah Kustok, was going to testify Friday on behalf of her father as a principle character witness. That testimony was delayed. Instead, the defense called another crime scene expert to the stand.

Friday, defense blood spatter expert Paul Kish testified on behalf of Kustok, contradicting the testimony of the prosecution's main forensics expert.

Kish argues that blood found on the front side of Kustok's clothing was not spatter from a gunshot wound but blood transferred after the shooting took place when Kustok came into contact with items that already had his wife's blood on them.

Thursday prosecution witness Rod Englert testified that based on crime scene blood spatter patterns and the path of the fatal bullet, Kustok, 63, likely shot his wife in the face while she lay in bed at the couple's Orland Park home on September 29, 2010.

Kustok claims his wife shot herself to death.

In court the prosecution rested its case Thursday after dueling forensics experts offered competing explanations of how blood ended up on Kustok's clothing the morning his wife died.

Friday afternoon the defense also called ballistics expert Matt Noedel.

So far, the former Washington state trooper has testified that the blood spatter resulting from the 357 Smith and Wesson used in the shooting death of Anita Jeanie Kustok was 3 to 6 inches away from her face when it was fired.

It is expected the prosecution will start its cross-examination of the ballistics expert on Monday.

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