$500K reward 'excessive' for Brown's Chicken murderer, victims' family said

James Degorski

March 10, 2014 2:31:20 PM PDT
Dana Sampson, whose parents were killed in the 1993 Brown's Chicken massacre, called the $451,000 award convicted murderer James Degorski received in a federal lawsuit ''excessive.''

Degorski and Juan Luna are serving life sentences in the murder of seven people at the Brown's Chicken restaurant in Palatine.

On Friday, a jury rewarded convicted murderer James Degorski $500,000 in a civil case. Degorski filed a federal lawsuit saying a Cook County Jail guard beat him in 2002.

"We were just really, I guess, disheartened to hear about the excessive award and settlement," Dana Sampson said. She found out about the award after a newspaper contacted her.