Chicago targets in terrorist crosshairs, new al Qaeda magazine Inspire says

March 15, 2014 (CHICAGO)

"America is our first target" are the un-minced words in the Spring 2014 edition of Inspire, the first publication from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in nearly one year.

The magazine offers a detailed, illustrated recipe for constructing a car bomb "in a few hours," securing it in a vehicle and then detonating it. "It allows Muslims to train at home instead of risking dangerous travel abroad" explains the just-posted online instruction manual that requires easily purchased components.

"This type of car bomb is not usually used to destroy buildings, but is very effective in killing individuals."

Two Chicago buildings are listed prominently by al Qaeda as locations where car bombs could accomplish that:

1. Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower), 108-story skyscraper, it held the title tallest building in the world for about 25 years.

2. The Chicago Board of Trade Building.

For obvious reasons, Washington DC and New York are atop the specific targets for car bomb attacks. Northern Virginia is listed next, due to its plethora of military bases and other facilities.

Chicago is the third suggested target.

"It (Chicago) is in the mid of the US, hence it is a major transportation hub" states the Inspire article on page 70. "It is an important component in global distribution, as it is the third largest inter-modal port in the world. It is also an important worldwide center of commerce. The city had the second largest financial center in the United States."

The fourth target listed is Los Angeles as a manufacturing center and for being "the home base of Hollywood."

When the ABC7 I-Team first exposed the magazine as "Al-Qaeda's Ultimate Weapon" four years ago there was little attention paid by law enforcement to the instructions, messages and encouragement of public violence.

Today, it is considered an effective recruitment tool by the terrorist group that was behind 9/11 and a troublesome mechanism for radicalizing American teenagers.

The instructions for wanna-be terrorists also prescribes specific times that car bomb attacks could be carried out. "During the election seasons, both presidential and Congress" and "during Christmas and New Year's Eve."

Besides the US targets, there are locations in Great Britain and France that make the list, including sports sites, parades and museums including the famous Louvre art museum in Paris.

One particularly specific target in London is the Savoy Hotel. "At about 10pm GMT, businessmen and high profile targets leave the hotel. This is a perfect place and time to detonate your car bomb."

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