Harvest Juicery cold-presses fruits, veggies

We all know eating fruits and vegetables is a major part of a healthier lifestyle and at Harvest Juicery in the West Loop they cold-press fruits and vegetables.
March 22, 2014 8:30:51 PM PDT
Fresh fruits and vegetables may be in short supply during the winter, but it hasn't slowed down Harvest Juicery. The tiny shop in the West Loop focuses on using bushels of fresh produce to create its chef-driven line of delicious, healthy juices and smoothies.

"Harvest Juicery is a chef-driven, cold-press juice company where we blend a lot of unique flavors making healthy taste good," said owner Krissy Sciarra.

Cold press is different from the popular centrifuge juicers, which use more heat.

"Little less vegetables, still good for you, but it heats the product so quickly that it kills about 50 percent of the nutrients and enzymes. Cold press is a much longer process, much slower process, and it takes pounds more vegetables to actually get in the bottle, which is why we make it, then actually bottle it for you, saving about 95 percent of the nutrients and enzymes," said Sciarra.

Giant fennel bulbs and fronds are reduced to nothing more than liquid; it takes a few pounds to make a full bottle. Even the smoothies are a little different, featuring a variety of raw ingredients. For breakfast, try raw protein powder with banana, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder and almond milk.

The garnish is nothing more than oats and cocoa nibs drizzled with raw honey for natural sweetness.

"A lot of smoothies you find nowadays are loaded with heavy proteins and a lot of fake substances a lot of sugar, they're very sweet for you and all of our smoothies are just raw, all-natural ingredients, everything's fresh, and it's just hard to find a good smoothie in the area," she said.

Now in addition to the bottled juices and the smoothies, this week they just started offering seasonal cold-pressed juices on tap; yet another great way to get your vitamins and minerals.

The store also offers a three-day, all juice cleanse, but requires two days' notice.

Harvest Juicery
1012 W. Lake St.
Mon-Fri 7 am-7 pm; Sat-Sun 8 am-2 pm