Family Fun Spring Break ideas

March 26, 2014

The Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview
Fantastic place where kids learn by playing. They can take care of pets at the vet, run a restaurant, experiment with water even lead a professional orchestra! Now is a great time to visit — and get a first crack at Spring Break. Catch the 13th annual eggs to chicks eggs-hibit with these adorable little guys! The exhibit allows children the opportunity to experience the life cycles of the rare Black Java and White Java chickens as they hatch and grow in a special child-height egg incubator, hatchery unit and pen for newborn chicks. My tip for visiting Kohl? Set the crock pot and come in the late afternoon when everyone else is scrambling to put dinner together. You'll have the whole place almost to yourselves!

Sci Tech In Aurora
You'll find more than 200 hands on exhibits at this adorable museum in Aurora where kids play with science. They don't even realize they are learning because it really is so fun. See what it's like to be a weather caster — and put together your own weather report on TV. Stand inside a two story tornado. Even check out a hot air balloon simulator.

Chicago Botanic Gardens
If you want to get your kids outdoors, Spring Break Camp begins on the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Glencoe Monday. Children in grades K thru 5 can dissect and plant seeds, search for birds, go on nature hikes and work on science projects. Or pop in as a family this Saturday and next Sunday to learn how people use parts of rainforest trees to make chewing gum and rubber. Create your own bouncing ball and gum to take home.

Holocaust Museum in Skokie
Inside the Holocaust museum — you will find Make A Difference — a very special hands on exhibit with interactive games for children ages 8 to 12. It's a powerful exhibit that helps children identify who they are are as individuals, identify bullying, learn how their decisions affect themselves and others and teaches them how to be up stander rather than a bystander. They learn about Rosa Parks, Anne Frank, Ryan White and recreate a lunchroom bullying scene where they can make a difference by standing up for a friend. I've taken my Girl Scout troop — there were some very powerful takeaways.

Marriott Theater
Schoolhouse Rock Live is playing at the Marriott Children's Theater in Lincolnshire — always a good time —Thursdays through Sundays at 10 AM. Remember I'm Just A Bill? And Conjunction Junction?? Also Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS — based on TS Eliot's poems opens in the main theater April 2nd — recommended for children six and older so a fantastic way for families to get out together. I just love the Marriott Theater.

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