New Jersey man accused of robbing same store he robbed 15 years ago

Toni Yates reporting
March 26, 2014 1:53:22 PM PDT
A day after being released from prison, a man is suspected to have committed the very same crime that landed him there 15 years earlier.

Christopher Miller, 40, is accused of robbing the Stride Rite shoe store in Toms River, New Jersey on Mar. 22, taking off on foot with the register drawer which contained $389 in cash and the employees' cell phones.

The employees alleged that Miller became agitated when employees refused to move to the back of the store and surrender their car keys.

An investigation revealed that Miller was released from a 15-year prison sentence just a day before the incident. That sentence came as a result of a robbery of the same Stride Ride store in 1999.

Miller was charged with robbery and is being held in Ocean County Jail on $100,000 bail.