Missouri tornado destroys homes in Trenton

March 28, 2014

No one was seriously hurt in the Missouri tornado, which touched down around 4 p.m. Thursday in the Grundy County town.

"I started praying, 'Oh God! Oh, God. Please, let this stop,'" Karen Bailey said. She took cover under a table in her kitchen and yelled for husband.

"I was downstairs and all of the sudden I looked at the lake and the water was sucking clear out of that lake," Larry Bailey said.

The Baileys home was hit by the tornado. Part of their roof caved in and glass shattered around Karen as Larry tried to find his wife. He feared the worst, but a few minutes later after the tornado was over, he was relieved when they were both OK.

"I didn't know," he said. "We just grabbed each other and then we started looking around a screaming."

The Bailey's home of 20 years was the only in their area to be severely damaged. Dozens of people stopped to help.

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