Durbin demands answers on BP oil spill at Whiting refinery

Crews are scrambling to clean up the toxic mess after a big oil spill in northwest Indiana. Up to a dozen barrels were discharged into Lake Michigan.

March 28, 2014 3:03:42 PM PDT
Senator Dick Durbin says he and Senator Mark Kirk will make sure BP answers their questions about the malfunction that caused oil to spill into Lake Michigan earlier this week.

BP says a preliminary estimate shows between 15 and 39 barrels of oil have been recovered from the lake at its Whiting refinery.

Friday, Sen. Durbin said the spill has to be taken very seriously and someone will be held accountable.

Also on Friday, a group called Global Climate Convergence Chicago staged a protest downtown over the spill in Whiting.

They are calling for drinking water to be tested and for more scrutiny of BP following the spill.