Robbers targeting elderly residents with ruse on Northwest Side

April 4, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Patricia Flynn has lived in her home in the Belmont Cragin community for more than 60 years. She was a little afraid to talk to us because on Monday, when a friend dropped her off at her home following a card game, the doorbell rang and she answered it. The man at the door was on his knees tying his shoes.

"When he stood up, instead of backing up he stepped in and said I realized you just entered my home," said Flynn.

"We are going to put a speed bump in your area, we hit your garage but the city will take care of it," said Flynn. "He said, can we see it through your house and like an idiot, I let him through the house."

Flynn says when she lit a cigarette the man started to choke and ask if he could have a glass of water.

"Let's just step out, I could not walk that far, I have a catch in my throat, I need a glass of water, so he turned my water on very hard," said Flynn.

Flynn, who turned 87 years old on Tuesday, says the two offenders were in her home for at least a half hour but she never got a look at the second one and had trouble identifying the first one because of neck problems. She was shaken and when they left, she discovered they had robbed her of a necklace her husband gave her for their 10th anniversary.

Police says several elderly individuals were robbed in their homes in March during the daytime hours from individuals posing as construction workers or city officials in order to gain access to the homes. Once inside the home, they ask the victim to exit the residence and proceed to take property.

Police recommend you not allow unknown persons into your residence, keep doors locked, ask to see identification from anyone posing as employees and call 911 and provide a detailed description of offenders along with vehicle descriptions.

"Now I am shaky, I was alone with two men in my house," said Flynn.

Flynn says now she will keep her doors locked and not let anyone in. Now she has to go through the belongings of her husband, something she has not done since he passed 23 years ago, to see what else is missing.

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