Wilmette woman in custody after allegedly injuring cyclist in Evanston

April 6, 2014 (EVANSTON, Ill.)

A mangled bike sits on a curb in the 700 block of Main Street in Evanston and just a few blocks away sit a damaged scooter.

Police say the woman is responsible for hitting the cyclist, the driver of the scooter and two other cars as she drove out of control through Evanston Sunday morning.

It all started at about 10 a.m., when the woman was involved in a crash at Ridge and Davis. The woman then took off and hit a woman on scooter on Chicago Avenue and then on Main Street, she hit a cyclist.

The female on the scooter suffered minor injuries and took herself to a hospital. The cyclist was taken to Presence Saint Francis Hospital with minor injuries.

Several bystanders saw the aftermath including shop manager Cheryl Nester Detweiler, who had just arrived at work.

''I figured it had to be more serious as time went on, police blocked a bigger area, and crime investigation people came out,'' said Nester-Detweiler.

Cleveland Burkitt's car was clipped as he was forced off the road by the woman's blue Toyota.

''We could see her forcing other cars off the road, the pedestrians were running from, she was swerving in and out of traffic to avoid anyone coming her way,'' Burkitt said.

Burkitt says the woman blew through stops signs and red lights as several police cars caught up with her. The chase came to an end in Skokie in front of a school. The woman yelled, refusing to leave her car when officers pulled her out.

The suspect was handcuffed and taken to the hospital. Given how many blocks she drove erratically, Cleveland Burkitt says he is lucky.

''It was amazing more people didn't get hurt, the way she was driving and forcing people off the road,'' Burkitt said.

The commercial block was shut down for hours and later reopened. Charges had not been filed as of Sunday night. Police do not believe the woman was intoxicated.

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