Daytime burglars hit Bridgeport, McKinley Park

April 11, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Chicago Police do have someone in custody for some of the commercial burglaries in the area, however they are taking the opportunity to remind residents particularly about a pattern they are seeing in some communities on the Southwest Side of Chicago.

The peace and quiet of this neighborhood of bungalows may be what is attracting burglars. Chicago police have seen a pattern of daytime burglaries when many residents are away at work.

"We just going to watch out and keep informed, and keep an eye on it," said resident Roberto Aguirre.

Four residential burglaries happened in the McKinley Park neighborhood.

Community Alerts were issued for those and three others at businesses nearby.

Rafael Sandoval has lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years and was troubled to hear his neighbor had a break in.

"I don't know what happened now," he said. "It's really nice over here and they started breaking into the house."

Some of the break-ins happened in Alderman George Cardenas' Ward. He urges good communication whenever there is a problem.

"Be alert, inform the owner's office, the CAPS facilitator and even put a flyer out," Cardenas said.

While it is a specific warning for this particular neighborhood, it is also a good reminder for any resident in any neighborhood. As the weather gets warmer, it's important to look out for your neighbors, and if you notice anything unusual, such as people in the neighborhood, or at your neighbor's house when you know they are not home and not expecting any guests, that is when you call 911.

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