Chicago truck driver logs 3M accident-free miles

Tom Strissel, 61, was honored by Conway Freight for 3 million miles without even a minor accident.
May 7, 2014 12:53:19 PM PDT
Good drivers may log thousands of accident free miles each year, but they're probably still millions of miles behind Chicago truck driver Tom Strissel. Strissel, 61, started working for Conway Freight 30 years ago by driving the night shift and working 12-hour days. He was recently honored by the company for driving 3 million accident-free miles.

"I didn't realize when I started this hobby, or career, that it was going to end up like this," Strissel said, "but it just happened."

Strissel was honored by Conway Freight for his spotless driving record with a $2,000 check and a truck with his name on it. He is the only one who can drive it, which tickles him. "It's the first time I had my name on a truck."

Logging 3 million accident-free miles isn't easy, and Strissel says he's had plenty of close calls over the years. He said the prevalence of cell phones makes the road increasingly dangerous.

"You can bet your bottom dollar they're down there texting, or on their phone making calls."

But if you want to strive for a driving record like his, Strissel has some advice.

"Pay attention to what you're doing," he said. "Get plenty of rest, and always try to anticipate what the other guy is going to do because once you think you know it all, somebody else pulls a real good one in front of you."

Beyond that, he says, keep both hands on the wheel and look out for the worst drivers on the road. Who are they?

"I don't want to stereotype anybody," Strissel says with a laugh, "but men in minivans and women in SUVs."