Exclusive: Boy 'on alert' after surviving pit bull attack in East Chicago

April 23, 2014 (EAST CHICAGO, Ind.)

The pit bull attack is still under investigation. At this point, East Chicago police do not expect criminal charges, but the city's animal control department expects to issue citations to the dog's owner as early as Thursday.

In the meantime, Garcia is out of the hospital and recovering at home. With the use of crutches, Garcia is outside playing in his East Chicago neighborhood, but he's cautious.

"I feel like I'm on alert outside," said Garcia. "I don't want them kids to get hurt either."

Last week, police say a pit bull escaped its backyard cage and bit the 9-year-old boy who was walking down his street to the basketball courts.

"It hurt bad," said Garcia. "The white dog jumped, and after he jumped the brown dog came along with him, then the white dog latched on my leg and that's when I fell. . . I closed my eyes to try to play dead, but it didn't work out."

Instead, Garcia was treated at Comer Children's Hospital for nearly a week with bite wounds on both legs.

"They took really, really good care of me," said Garcia.

The dog, known as Drizzy, must be quarantined for 10 days. Aidan and his mother want him put to sleep.

"As long as the dog's put down, citations for her, and I hope she just cooperates," said Shannon Josleyn, boy's mother.

"I'm scared of dogs now," said Garcia.

But, with all this running around, he's getting better, day by day, and has a few goals.

"To go back to school, and do all my schoolwork and get good grades," said Garcia.

Aidan is waiting for his doctor's approval to go back to school.

As for the dog's owner, Clarissa Williams, she said she's glad Aidan is doing well. She says she does not want the dog back and that she'll abide by whatever the city decides.

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