Pet duck attack lawsuit nothing to quack about

April 24, 2014 (WASHOUGALl, Ore.)

A Washougal, Oregon, woman said a pet duck attack left her with a metal plate and screws in her wrist.

The alleged attacker: a white duck named Squirt. Felicia Accuardi used to own Squirt, who is no longer alive.

"He wasn't angry. He just tried to bite . . . and hump people. A bit of an attitude," she said.

Accuardi, who no longer owns ducks after she gave them away to a neighbor a couple of years ago, said she had no idea her late duck was in hot water, and accused in a lawsuit of having "abnormally dangerous propensities in attacking people."

Squirt reportedly snuck out from his yard, waddled over to another home, and attacked a woman, according to

"The duck flapped its wings at her and knocked her back," attorney Gregory Price said. That led to two surgeries and medical bills, Price said. "The incident itself is somewhat humorous. When my client called me, we shared a laugh about the circumstances of the accident."

Price said he has no expectation of actually getting $250,000 out of this. He hopes to settle with the insurance company out of court.

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