Second teen charged in shooting death of Endia Martin, 14, in Back of the Yards

April 29, 2014 (CHICAGO)

A 17-year-old was charged with illegally having a gun, using it and then trying to get rid of it after the murder of Endia Martin. While she was being remembered by classmates earlier Tuesday, gunshots rang out nearby.

While students from Endia Martin's school, Tilden Career Academy, gathered to remember her, the vigil was interrupted by violence, 10 blocks away. Ambulances and police sped to another shooting near Winchester and Garfield.

Three men and one woman, all their 40's and 50's, had been shot. Their conditions range from fair to critical.

"In many ways, I don't think they are related," said community activist Andrew Holmes. "Even though they're right down the street I don't think they're connected."

In a juvenile court earlier in the day, a teenage girl appeared on charges of first-degree murder in the shooting of Endia Martin.

According to family, the girls were close friends fighting over a boy in a dispute that started on Facebook.

In court, prosecutors said Martin was with a group of people when the suspect approached and tried to shoot, but the gun jammed.

They say the suspect handed the gun to others with her who cleared the malfunction and gave the gun back to her.

Then the suspect opened fire with the .38-caliber revolver, striking Martin in the back and a 16-year-old girl in the arm.

The cousin of the suspect charged says he doesn't understand how the 14-year-old got a gun. He is not being identified because the suspect a juvenile.

"That's where the question mark really come in, where she got a gun from," he said.

When asked about the shooting, Mayor Rahm Emanuel got emotional.

"Where are the values that a 14-year-old would shoot another 14-year-old over a dispute on Facebook?" he asked.

The other 16-year-old girl that was shot was hit the arm. Tuesday night she's been released from the hospital.

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