LSU officials: No threat found after armed intruder reported

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Officials at Louisiana State University said there were no shots fired and no injuries after an armed intruder was reported on campus Tuesday afternoon.

The university posted a message on Twitter about 3 p.m. saying an armed intruder had been reported in Coates Hall and police were on the scene. Coates Hall houses academic departments and several student support services, according to the LSU website.

The tweet advised students and others on the Baton Rouge campus to run, hide or fight. In a later post, university officials said: "The situation is ongoing. No shots have been fired, and there are no injuries. Continue to avoid the area or remain in a safe place."

After two hours, campus officials tweeted that they investigated and determined there was no threat.

Classes are not in session at the state's flagship university, but many students have been moving back to the school after summer break.
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