Armed robberies near U of C campus in Hyde Park spark alert

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Two armed robberies occurred Friday night in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. (WLS)

Two armed robberies just blocks away near the University of Chicago's Hyde Park campus has sparked a community alert.

The first robbery happened just after 9:30 p.m. Friday in the 5400-block of Ridgewood Court. The victim was a university faculty member. Neighbors who know him say the robbers took his computer and phone.

The second occurred at about 10:30 p.m. Friday in the 5300-block of South Cornell Avenue.

In both instances there were two robbers, one that would demand the victims' property while the other would show a gun.

Investigators believe the incidents may be related. Neither victim was injured.

The robberies have worried nearby residents.

"I don't think I would walk anywhere by myself anymore because it gives you a little unsettling feeling -- knowing that you're not really that safe," said Ivana Jones.

But Mary Stonor Saunders, executive director of Strides for Peace, an organization dedicated to cutting down gun violence says no neighborhood is immune from this.

"Hyde Park represents every spectrum of education level of race, of creed. But very sadly despite having more police presence here and having guards that commissioned to keep the campus safe you know a block away somebody can get shot," Stonor Saunders said.

Stonor Saunders says the only way to stop incidents like these is to first stop separating each crime by neighborhood.

"We have to think of ourselves as one city, one neighborhood and all of our children matter. All life matters and when we start with that premise we can do a lot better to stop the crime and gun violence," she said.
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