Scrapdaddy's amazing metal wonderland

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Monday, February 6, 2023
Scrapdaddy's amazing metal wonderland
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Houston artist 'Scrapdaddy' takes junkyard scraps and transforms them into massive, mechanical beasts!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Mark "Scrapdaddy" Bradford is known for taking junk from the scrapyard and turning it into giant, mechanical beasts that he drives like a car or rides like a bike. Most of his art car creations are towering, hydraulic contraptions - including 20-foot armor plated armadillos, fire-breathing monsters, and a scaly lizard made from old airline spoons. He's been participating in the Houston Art Car Parade for over 20 years and has created some of the most famous and award-winning art car creations.

Bradford recently opened a massive display of 'Scrapdaddy' art in a lot near the Houston Heights. Check out the video above for a look into his incredible collection, including some of his winning art cars!