Aurora police release dashcam video of traffic stop arrests, say clip shared on social media doesn't tell full story

AURORA, Ill. (WLS) -- Aurora police have released dashcam video of a traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of a couple.

Police said they released the full 25 minute dashcam video because a shorter clip widely posted on social media didn't provide any context and information as to what happened.

Two minutes and 38 seconds of cell phone video posted on social media by a witness also shows a portion of the incident, in which a woman can be heard repeatedly shouting, "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!"

Police said it's clear in the video they did nothing to obstruct her breathing, and that the longer dashcam video shows there is much more to the story.

Police said on Saturday, one of the officers witnessed a white Chevy Malibu driving with the passenger door open. The officer said he then saw the driver and passenger in a physical altercation, so he pulled them over.

When he asked for identification, however, police say the woman refused to give it to him, claiming they had no right to ask. The couple also refused to exit the vehicle. Their argument goes on for about eight minutes, escalating to the point that other officers arrive and two of them pull her out of the car. Two others pull the driver out. They struggle to put handcuffs on both.

"In this current climate with police and citizens under stress, it seems like it would have been the right call to let it go," said community activist Michelle Ford.

Jujuan Mitchell-Lomax, 22, is now charged with felony aggravated resisting arrest. He spent the night in DuPage County Jail. Alexus Ward, 22, is charged with two misdemeanors, including resisting arrest. She also spent a night in the Aurora jail.

In the meantime, police said they received numerous calls from community members questioning the arrests. Police claim the video shows officers acted appropriately.

Both Mitchell-Lorax and Ward complained of injuries, and paramedics took them to a hospital for examination. Both have been released on bond. ABC7 Eyewitness News reached out to them for comment, but have not heard back.
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