Auto show features new vehicle safety features

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Many, if not most of the car manufacturers at the Chicago Auto Show, now have autonomous safety features in their vehicles.

"They have a lot of those semi-autonomous, like lane departure prevention that nudges you back in your lane and adaptive cruise control that keeps the gap between the car in front of you and your car as speeds change," said Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor of

Toyota has several high-tech safety features, including cameras that give a 360-degree perimeter scan, a birds-eye view, and blind spot monitoring with proximity alert if something or someone gets too close to the car.

Acura's autonomous safety features are available in all their vehicles. For instance, the collision mitigation breaking system will give an audible alarm if you're not stopping soon enough, if you're still not slowing down, the car will do it for you, and if you're still not braking it will tighten up your seat belt.

A different kind of technology is making news at Ford -- the explorer Braunability MXV is the world's first wheelchair accessible sports-utility vehicle.

"Before this it was all about minivans, and a lot of people who are injured are between 16 and 35 and the last thing they want to do is be a soccer mom in a minivan, so thing right here brings style," said Jesse Billauer, founder/CEO of Life Rolls On.

The technology is all about stability at the new Keep test track. Going up a 20-foot hill on a 35-degree angle, and coming down without brakes.
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