Car salesman's brutally honest ad goes viral

A car salesman wrote a blunt ad for a used car laying out the problems with the vehicle and surprise, surprise it sold!

In a Craigslist ad and Facebook post, the Florida car salesman gave the ugly truth about exactly what the buyer would be getting with the 2002 Oldsmobile Alero.

"200,000 miles. Rust on the side. I even zoomed in on the rust so you can see it," said Shelmar Roseman with Journee Autos. "It will get you from A to B, just don't try to make it to C and don't bring it back to me."

Roseman warned buyers in the not-so-PG ad that the offer was non-negotiable and all cash.

They got a buyer the very next day.

The post grabbed more than 30,000 shares and 22,000 comments.

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